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How to Market Your New Blog

Now that you’ve started your blog, you might be wondering how to market it.  If you’re like most new bloggers, you’re also looking for cost-effective ways to spread the word about your awesome new site.  You actually have lots of options that can be game-changers… Read more…

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Why Freelancers Fail

The number of freelancers continues to grow in the U.S.  As a full-time freelancer for nearly two years, I’m grateful to have enjoyed steady work and continued success since making the leap.  That hasn’t been by accident, and not all freelancers are so fortunate. The… Read more…

How to Work Smarter

People are busier than ever these days.  And, most of us are looking for ways to maximize our productivity.  Well, being more productive doesn’t mean cramming more things into your day.  It means taking the finite amount of time that you have each day and… Read more…

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