The Learning Chick is here to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you learn how to create online income streams so that you can achieve your financial and personal goals. This site focuses on how to:

You won’t find any get-rich-quick schemes here.  What you will find are practical tips (with a few life lessons sprinkled in) to help you cut through the noise and get started. 

I share stories about my own money making experiences, including what worked and what didn’t, along with well-researched case studies, reviews, and articles.  I strive to provide content that is authentic and applicable, and I work to seek out the most relevant information that I can find to help you the most!


I’m Jennifer, the real-life blogger behind The Learning Chick.

The Learning Chick Side Hustle BlogAs an Instructional Designer (my main job), I enjoy helping others learn skills and information that can improve their lives.

I’ve worked in the instructional design field for many years, including as a freelancer for nearly 3 years.  I understand the excitement, fears, and everything in between that comes with working for yourself. That’s what inspired me start this blog.

I’ve also been making money online since 2002 by selling items on Ebay. I have since added this blog and selling on Etsy to my list of online income streams.

I have a Master of Science in Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. I believe that we can achieve our goals if we’re willing to learn, apply knowledge, and work hard (and smart).  I’m here to help you with that!

Blogging for Entrepreneurs

Whatever your online business goals are, a blog is a great way to support your business strategy.  Having a blog gives you a platform to market your business, skills, and services.  This can help you become an authority in your field.

Your blog can also become another income stream by applying consistent strategies and targeted techniques. Because of this, The Learning Chick features a variety information about blogging – from getting started to growing and monetizing your blog.

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