Launched in 2018, The Learning Chick is a blog dedicated to helping you build a better side hustle.

The Learning Chick site focuses on how to:

  • Find your ideal side hustle.
  • Leverage your blog as part of your side hustle business strategy.
  • Develop multiple income streams to help sustain your entrepreneurial goals.
  • Manage your time and productivity so that you can achieve your dreams.

In today’s world, starting a side hustle is quickly moving from a want to a need for many people.  The goal of this blog is to help you start and sustain a side hustle that offers the possibility for financial and personal freedom.

You won’t find any get-rich-quick schemes here.  What you will find are practical tips (with a few life lessons sprinkled in) to help you cut through the noise and get started.

A blog is a great way to augment your side hustle strategy.  Having a blog gives you a platform to market your business, skills and services.  It also helps you to become an authority in your field.

By sharing your knowledge through posts on your site, you can demonstrate your expertise. It’s an easy and low cost way to differentiate you and your brand.  You can start your blog today.

Over time, your blog can become another income stream.  Because of this, The Learning Chick also features a variety information on blogging.  From getting started to SEO to growing and monetizing your blog, you’ll find it here.

As a new blogger, I’m learning as I go and strive to share the lessons I learn with you.  You can read more about my first year of blogging here.

About Jennifer

I’m Jennifer, the person behind The Learning Chick.

The Learning Chick Side Hustle Blog

I’m an Instructional Designer who loves learning, and helping others learn, skills and information that can improve your life. In my “day job”, I work on projects that vary from educational content and courses for middle school to college students, to corporate training for adults in the workplace.

While I’ve worked in the field for many years, I made the decision to become a freelancer in early 2018. I understand the excitement, fears and everything in between that comes with working for yourself.  That’s what inspired me start this blog a few months later.

I have a M.S. in Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. However, what has been most instrumental in my own success is the willingness to learn what I’ve needed to in order to improve my skills and knowledge.  I believe that we can achieve our goals if we’re willing to learn, apply that knowledge and work hard (and smart).  I’m here to help you do that!

I’m glad you’re here!  Take some time to check out the site, and be sure to sign up for The Learning Chick newsletter to get the latest updates delivered right to your email inbox.

Are you ready to build a better side hustle?  Let’s get started!

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