I created this list of products and services that I use and/ or believe to be of value.  This list is designed to help you find resources for your side hustle and blog, in one easy-to-use place.  You can learn more below about the tools that can help build your business!

Disclosure:  This page contains affiliate links.  This means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Bluehost:  Bluehost is a popular service, offering quality hosting, support and uptime!  You can get started for just $3.95 per month.  Check out these posts on How to Start Your Blog and What to Look for in a Hosting Service for even more information.



Namecheap:  I register all of my domains with NamecheapNamecheap makes it so easy to register your domains, with great prices to boot.  Plus, you get WhoisGuard protection for free with each new domain!  (This helps to protect a lot of your personal information from the Whois database, which is publicly accessible.)  I’ve even transferred domains to Namecheap, and they made that process easy, too!


Bluchic LogoBluchic:  I can’t say enough good things about Bluchic themes!  They are beautiful, easy to customize and offer amazing functionality – all built in to the themes.  They have an amazing library of tutorials on their website to help you customize your site, and their support rocks!  This site is built with the Isabelle theme, I customized it myself . . . and, I’m not anything close to a web designer. 


WD External Hard Drive:  If you haven’t already, you are going to be creating a lot of content for your site . . . a lot of content.  Now, think about how you’d feel if your computer crashed and it all disappeared.  Yikes!  That’s why I regularly back up my files on an external hard drive.  I’m a fan of the WD (Western Digital) Passport External Hard Drive.  It’s very plug-and-play, and just takes a few minutes to upload your files to the hard drive.



Tailwind:  Pinterest is an amazing platform to share your expertise on.  And, Tailwind can help you do that with ease.  Tailwind let’s you schedule Pinterest pins (and Instagram posts) efficiently, effectively and economically.  It’s a “must have” for my site!





CanvaCanva is my go-to resource for so much of my design needs for blog posts, resources and more.  I created my blog header, and my email and social media headers with Canva.  (For more on how you can do that, too, check out my post on Create Your Blog Header with Canva.)  It’s free and  a lot of fun to get your creative mojo going!


GrammarlyGrammarlyGrammarly is an excellent resource that helps you produce content free of grammatical errors.  Even better, it’s free!  Grammarly makes it quick and easy to run your latest post through their grammar checker before you hit the publish button.



ConvertKit:  Your email list is so important for a successful site.  And, ConvertKit makes it simple to build and manage your list.  The price starts at $29/ month, and goes up as your list grows. I signed up for ConvertKit before my site was finished, so that I could build forms and email sequences, and am so glad that I did!



Teachable: If you plan to develop courses to sell, head on over to Teachable to get started.  They offer a free account, but their Basic plan comes in at only $39/ month and gives you lots of added functionality and options.  The Teachable platform is very user friendly, and they offer so many resources to help you be successful.  Their integrated payment processing takes away all of that worry, so that you can concentrate on creating and selling beautiful, compelling courses.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone: When recording audio for tutorials, agood microphone is important.  I like this one because it’s reasonably priced, and has a solid customer rating.  A good microphone can really enhance the overall quality of your tutorials and is, in my opinion, a worthwhile investment for your blog business.



Microphone Isolation Shield:  If you’re recording audio, say for a course or tutorial, a microphone isolation shield can really help improve the audio quality.  This is one of the more reasonably priced models.




Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920:  A quality webcam is important if you are planning to do events like webinars, Facebook Live sessions, or even providing live coaching/ consulting services using Skype.  If your laptop, tablet or device isn’t equipped with a webcam that works well, consider this affordable and popular model.



Screencast-O-Matic:  When creating videos for courses, a good video recording and editing program is essential.  And, bonus points for one that’s reasonably priced and easy to use!  Screencast-O-Matic offers all of this.



Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO:  If you have a blog, don’t ignore the importance of good SEO.  SEO is a complex topic, but the Stupid Simple SEO course breaks it all down for you.  I’ve purchased this course, and saw two of my posts rank on page 1 for their Google keyword searches.  The course is only open a few times a year, but you can sign up to be notified of the next enrollment.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:  I purchased this course early on in my blogging journey, and it helped me easily understand the topic of affiliate marketing.  Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an easy-to-follow course that helps you learn what affiliate marketing is and how to implement it with your blog.


SMART Goals Course

Create Your Best SMART Goals:  Enroll in this FREE video course, and learn how to create SMART goals.  Brought to you by The Learning Chick, the Create Your Best SMART Goals course includes a workbook and worksheet designed to help you set goals that you can actually accomplish.



ShareASale: ShareASale is an awesome, one-stop-shop for finding and joining great affiliate programs.  (In fact, ShareASale even has its own affiliate program!)  No matter what your niche, you can search for and find affiliate programs that compliment your brand and business.

Ultimate Bundles ImageUltimate Bundles:  Ultimate Bundles is an excellent resource for bloggers.  I purchased the “Genius Blogger’s Toolkit” last year, and it was phenomenal!  There were literally dozes of quality resources on so many blogging-related topics.  I found so much helpful information that I have used, and will continue to use, for a very long time.  They offer bundles on other topics besides blogging throughout the year, and you can check out their calendar on their website.  They also offer a generous affiliate program!